Evaira: The Typewriter Phenomenon

But in light of that, I figured this was not just a coincidence.  Maybe if it happened twice, but three times, no, there’s something more to it.  Maybe if it wasn’t only because fifteen variables all fell perfectly into place.  I used to write things off as coincidence a bit too often – I’ll have to thank my old friend Bradley for teaching me that lesson.  I wonder how he’s doing now in the San Francisco PD.  Regardless…

Evaira remembered reading that diary passage while listening to the news report.

“Though the death of Officer Bradley Wilcox appears to be natural causes,” the reporter said, “many are suspicious of the timing of his death, happening during an important investigation, and the police are investigating further to determine if it’s just a coincidence.”

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Social Media Accounts – Too Many?

Man, it’s been a while since I did one of these reflection posts – and apparently, beginning my posts with the word “Reflection” isn’t good for SEO – who knew?

But anyway, what I’m here to talk about is social media accounts, and how we go about updating them.

Now, before I go on, to be clear, I don’t use Facebook as I have serious issues with their terms of service (I’ll probably end up needing to get an account there at some point, but want to hold off on that for as long as possible), and still, I get overwhelmed figuring out what to put where and how to keep everything up to date.

Here is what I have:

  • This blog
  • One Twitter page
  • One ask.fm page
  • Three active DeviantArt accounts
  • Three practically unused Google/gmail accounts
  • Several barely-used accounts on various forums

And yet this is nothing compared to what I hear some people have.

Apparently, each social media site has its strengths and weaknesses, things that belong there and things that don’t.  Twitter is best for more frequent, short updates, while the others are better updated less often.  Ask.fm is more a specialty site for fun, and not really meant for serious updates – more a way to let followers learn more about me.

DeviantArt is for artists, and as an artist, I find it a great way to communicate with other artists, get feedback, share work.  And they allow multiple accounts too, which is good for keeping separate portfolios and allowing people to follow what they want.  I have one main account, one for my papercraft, and a third for anime con cosplay photos.  So each of these has its own subset of my art it takes – and their journals are practically becoming additional blogs.

The downside of having multiple accounts, though, is not knowing which one to use when I want to comment on somebody else’s art – and the fact that all of them except the most active (currently, the papercraft one), tend to get neglected.  I’ve often considered combining them, but find it would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Plus, DeviantArt has llamas.

And then there’s the all-important gmail/Google account.  I don’t use gmail for my main e-mail, but ended up getting multiple accounts here for throw-away e-mails and various alt-accounts.  I had one I used back in college, another for my previous work on a Star Control fan project, Project 6014 (really hope that thing gets revived some day), and another I think because I needed another unique e-mail for something.

I barely use any of them.  Google isn’t exactly known for privacy, so I’m not really a Google Drive user (they try to claim the rights to your stuff).  It’s mostly just for when something requires me to sign in.

So maybe it’s not too many – each of them has a role that another can’t replace, but sometimes, it sure feels like it.

So, how about you?  How many social media accounts do you have?  Do you have trouble keeping them organized?  Or tips for me to better get organized on social media?

Hope to see you on my blog or some other social media account next week.  For now, White Rakogis is signing off!


So, hello, everybody.  It’s been forever since I posted here last.  Why haven’t I posted here lately?  Well, there are a lot of reasons.

For one thing, I won’t lie, 2015 was not a very good year for my writing.  Things went slow, I juggled too many projects, and made little progress on any of them.  I had multiple bouts of Writer’s Block, and was depressed about some things in my day to day life.  Ultimately, this put me behind on my drafts further than I’d like.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some catching up this year.

Another thing is that I’m really not completely sure what to make of this blog.  At first, I just wanted a repository for my short stories to publish and share them.  Then, I started doing the reflection posts, but ultimately, I just haven’t been enjoying writing them so much lately.  So, yes, I am on hiatus.  I don’t know when I’ll be back, and in what capacity.  But, yes, I am still alive.

I’m hoping to finally finish the rest of Evaira Volume 2 soon, and have those up.  For now, I am reverting to my original vision of this blog – putting up stories when I finish them – no set schedule, I know, not a good idea, but right now, it’s the best way to do this.

As always, a few comments would be appreciated.

Reflection: Word Count

So, one thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the word counts of my stories.  Recently, I realized I’ve hit a dilemma with the word count of Cromm.  It’s over 100,000 words long, 108,243 as of my last revision, to be exact.  I’ve seen books much longer, so I didn’t initially consider this terribly long.

But then, they say that longer books are more difficult to get published – publishers find larger works riskier, especially by an unpublished hobbyist like me, and 100,000 is, indeed, a lot of words.  It brings me to an interesting dilemma about shortening it.

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Reflection: The Motivation to Keep Going

So, I hear some writers have trouble sticking with one story.  When they’re working on one larger project, they get a new idea, and shift to focus on that – these so-called plot bunnies.

That’s never been a problem for me.  I usually don’t have problems with finding the motivation to keep going.  I have a story to write, and I have to see it through to the end.  It’s my duty to share my stories with the world.  But I have to ask myself why – it’s not purely matter of honor.

Well, there are a number of things I do to keep a story holding my interest.

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Reflection: Resolve Everything at the End?

I was overhearing my dad talking some time back, and he was complaining about books that don’t resolve everything in the end, as if they were always setting up for a sequel.  However, as a writer, and somebody who understands fiction, I disagree.  Endings don’t necessarily have to resolve everything, sequel planned or otherwise.

That being said, I feel I should at least resolve the main plot, and it should be satisfying.  I can’t just leave every plot thread dangling.

But it’s not always about a sequel.  I hear of some writers who don’t write sequels because they want to leave everything to the reader’s imagination.  I personally like sequels, as there’s only so much you can explore of a world in just one book, but that’s beside the point.

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Reflection: Poetry

So, this is a reflection post I’ve been wanting to do for years, but never have been able to.  Why?  One simple question: what is poetry?  It’s difficult to define in words.

Young children who are introduced to poetry think it’s just about rhyme and rhythm.  But while these are common devices in poetry, they’re not always there – think of the haiku.  But the number of syllables doesn’t matter in your quatrain.  And we can’t just say it’s something cryptic that has a deeper meaning – many good prose stories are like that too.

While each form of poetry has a solid definition, and it’s clear whether a given poem is that type or not, it’s difficult to define poetry.  Is it just something you recognize when you see?

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