I Sometimes Write Poetry

I’ve decided to publish some of my poetry this Sunday.  Now, I am usually a fiction writer, so I generally don’t write much poetry, but every now and then, I get a little inspired and write down a few verses.  I may prefer writing of fiction due to the narrative structures, the characters, and of course, the interesting plot twists, but writing poetry has its own charms too.

So, yeah, the purpose of this post is to announce that I am now going to be including some poetry on this blog.  Yeah, I probably didn’t need a post to announce this, but I figured it would be better not to just post it when you’re all expecting another story, and end up confusing everybody.  Anyway, two of my recent poems will be published to the blog, complete with author’s notes and everything, right after I’ve finished publishing this post…which has already happened, considering that you’re reading this.


One thought on “I Sometimes Write Poetry

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