When I write a story,
I put more than words on paper.
A reader who looks close enough
can understand how.

I write with purpose,
I have a story I want to tell
and know what it means to me
but only the surface.

If a reader looks hard
he can enter my subconscious
see pieces of the story I didn’t intend
but nonetheless exist.

My story’s about me
not just characters, conflict, and plot.
I write my soul into the story,
expose it to the world.

Author’s Notes (may contain spoilers):

This was a short poem I originally wrote down when I was reflecting upon what I do when I write. I’ve always felt that a story can be read at three levels. The first level is reading the surface of the story, what’s written on the paper, the events and characters in the story representing nothing more than what they claim to be. The second level is finding the meaning of the story, why the author wrote it – themes, motivations, and allegorical elements, and whatever. The third level is entering the author’s subconscious, finding the true reason they wrote the story, and how their life helps to write the plot, thus, how the author is inadvertently putting himself (or herself) into the story. Everybody prefers to read the story at a different one of these levels; there is nothing wrong with only reading the surface of the story – that’s what I prefer myself!

This poem is meant to quite simply say that this third level exists, and an author cannot avoid writing it, and putting their feelings into the story. I was once told that an author’s story is like his (or her) child, and I believe this is the reason why.


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