In a nook in the side of my bedroom,
I sit at my desk, and quietly contemplate.
My computer rests in front of me.
On it, I play a song from my collection.
An atmospheric song, gentle, without lyrics,
though many times, I prefer total silence.
As I sit there, I think to myself;
I let my deeper thoughts rise.
I hope to understand the universe,
expose its many great mysteries.
I hope to understand other people.
I hope to understand myself.
But such understanding is too great,
far beyond what man can do.
I’ll never attain this enlightenment,
and yet I still try when I need to cool off.

Author’s Notes (may contain spoilers):

Alright, time for another Sunday of poetry. First, I’ve got, “Contemplation”. I guess this poem is mostly about Rule 26: you can never stop thinking. It’s true, in the past I have tried to actually clear my head and think of absolutely nothing, only to realize it’s just plain impossible; I ended up just thinking of the phrase “I’m thinking of nothing” in my head repeatedly, which, in itself, is actually something. Regardless, upon making this realization, I came to realize that thinking, in and of itself, can be a powerful form of entertainment, not to mention the fact that you can learn a lot from simple contemplation.

Of course, there is also a lot that you can’t learn this way, and some things people can’t learn at all, but still, reflecting on these things can get us closer to understanding it in the best way our minds are capable of.


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