September News

So, it’s September, and I got news.  Therefore, I have somehow decided to call this my September News Post!  Please note that I do still have a reflection post today, which should be below this on the main page, or simply click here.

First, I’ve redesigned the site.  I’ve added some archives pages, so you have easy access to any stories, poems, or reflection posts I’ve made in the past.  You can view my story archives here, and the reflection archives here.  Note that I will be manually updating these pages, so if a new post doesn’t show up there right away, that’s why.

In college, I learned that when you’re designing a user interface, getting user feedback can be a major help, so if you have any suggestions as to how I can organize my site better, let me know!  This can be done even easier with my new contact page…or you can just comment here.  I get lonely, so comments are always appreciated.

Second, I am announcing that one of my latest writing projects, a series of short stories called “Evaira” will be serialized here, starting the first Friday in October.  During that time, I will be increasing my story posts to once a week for eight weeks.  Evaira is a science fantasy mystery series about a group of unusual travelers who investigate urban legends, bizarre occurrences, and other supernatural mysteries.  I’ll have a more detailed summary up in my projects page within the next couple days.


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