A Vow

A man’s word is his honor,
a personal vow he takes
for the sake of another,
respected by himself.

If he takes a vow,
trust he will respect it.
His very honor’s on the line;
to break it he has none.

To distrust a man’s word,
is to question his honor.
A high insult to him,
and everything within.

But should he break one vow,
his honor becomes forfeit.
To him who gives his word,
its value is now naught.

Author’s Notes (may contain spoilers):

Been a while since I posted poetry here, hasn’t it?

Anyway, this poem is one about a vow, a promise, and what it truly means. When somebody gives their word, it is a very serious thing, and this poem summarizes my beliefs.

As I wrote this poem, I reflected on my Swogprille series. One culture featured there believes in a special kind of oath, where they pledge all their honor that they will (or will not) do something. If they break their oath, even for self-preservation, they are considered to be without honor, and are shunned by the rest of their people. But it doesn’t stop there, anybody who knowingly tries to make them break their oath is considered without honor in much the same way. The only time they can break their oath is if they need to break one to preserve another. I thought a lot of this as I was writing…you’ll learn the full story when I finally find the best way to publish Swogprille.


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