The Beast

The beast stood nineteen feet tall.
The people looked up at its eyes.
Bright crimson red, gazing right at them,
with a killer’s cold stare.

They looked upon its bloody fangs,
long and sharp as swords,
filled with fear knowing well
that the fangs would rip them apart.

They gazed at it with fear and awe,
looking at its glimmering scales,
and its giant, swinging tail,
and the sharp spines at the end.

They looked upon its giant horns,
three of them, atop its head,
and the creature’s massive wings,
spread widely behind it.

The creature moved its mighty claws,
and pounded at its meal.
A close strike, it missed its target,
but the solid ground was broken.

The creature opened its great jaw,
and out came a deafening roar.
The people quickly fled with fear,
from the carnage that would ensue.

Then more people approached the beast,
cheering with joy and jubilation.
The invaders had been scared away,
and the townsfolk toasted their hero.

Author’s Notes (may contain spoilers):

If you’ve been reading my stories (and I know you probably have), you’d know I’m a fan of the twist ending. I write stories with a twist ending all the time, so I thought it might be fun to try writing a poem with one, using a much simpler scenario than I would consider putting into a short story.

The Beast was also some much-needed practice into writing descriptions. In my first draft of the poem, I found myself overusing the word “massive”. While repetition can be helpful in some poems, reading it over, I did not believe this was one of those times, so I replaced it with various synonyms (to a writer, knowing how to use a thesaurus is invaluable). I based my description of the beast on a dragon, though I preferred not to actually use the word “dragon”, as that one word has some strong implications, and could plant a very specific image into the reader’s mind.

All in all, The Beast turned into one of my favorite poems I had written in the past couple years.


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