Reflection: Ideas for Reflection Posts

They say a blogger should try to maintain a consistent schedule, so I try to write one of these reflection posts every week.  But it’s not always easy to come up with topics and decide what to reflect about.

Well, ideas are easy.  I’ve got a whole file with a list of things I may want to write a blog post about on my computer.  But for each of those ideas, I look at them and think: can I actually write a ~400-500 word blog post about it?  Do I need to think more about it to get enough material?

I like talking about my writing process.  I like talking about the tropes I use.  I can really get carried away about these subjects, but sometimes, I may be focused on a different aspect of my writing than another, and thus, I can write a good post about it.

In the end, despite all the planning, it looks like most of what it takes to write a good reflective blog post is instinct.  I end up just picking a topic that I feel in the mood to write about, and start typing.  If the post comes up short, I try to expand it, or come up with another topic.

Come to think of it, that’s a lot of what any writing is about.  When I just start typing, I can be amazed what comes out.  I may find that I had far more to say about the subject than I thought.  I may even come up with new ideas.  I guess this is why freewriting works: it helps the thoughts flow.  And some of my reflection posts really are just freewrites that I go back and edit a bit.

Of course, other times, I may find I didn’t have as much to say about the topic as I thought.  If this happens, I’ll probably put the draft aside, and see if I can expand it to post some other week.

Posting every week can be a bit intimidating at times.  I’ve certainly missed my share of posts for various reasons.  But writing new posts is usually not so bad when I just pick a topic and start writing.  Even so, I do find myself with writer’s block on reflection posts now and then.  I know some bloggers post every day, and honestly, I don’t know how they do it.

It would help to have a buffer; to prepare a series of posts in advance and schedule them.  That way, if I’m busy one week, I’d have something already ready to post.  Unfortunately, I fear that if I get a bigger buffer, I may start using it as an excuse not to write new posts.

On a somewhat related-ish note to my followers: I can always use ideas for topics.  What do you suggest?  Is there any subject you would like to hear me reflect about?  Please comment.

White Rakogis, signing off.


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