The Posted Picture

Do I post the picture?
Or do I just forget it?
I think I’ll post it,
it’s only for my friends.
Nobody’s really going
to see it I don’t want to.

They like the picture,
they find it funny.  I’m
glad they like me; I really
have such good friends.
But wait, what do I see?
Is that my picture?

But I didn’t post it there,
on that public site, for
everyone to see.  I didn’t
want them to see my picture.
It really was just for
my closest friends.

Okay, who’s responsible?
Who leaked my picture,
took it away from me?
Who threw it out into
the wilds of the Internet,
for the world to see?

Wait, you saw my picture?
Yes, I’m that person.
What, no, I don’t usually
act like that.  Really,
don’t think of me like that.
It was all just a joke.

One little picture, one
I should have just deleted.
But now it’s gone viral,
into the wilds of the Internet.
That one little mistake,
that nearly defines my life.

Author’s Notes (may contain spoilers):

So, remember the other week when I posted one poem. Well, here’s the other.

You hear it all the time: things you post online become public. Even if you think it’s going to be private, it’s very easy for one person to share it, who then shares it with someone else, and it quickly goes viral. I tried to get in the mindset of somebody who isn’t quite as cautious as I am about what they post to the internet.

I wanted the dialogue of the poem to start off innocent; just a friend posting a picture to Facebook (or the like), and quickly turn into confusion as to how the picture spread so quickly, and anger about who’s responsible, and end up regretting it at the end.

To all my followers, and everybody else: share the link to this poem. It would make an interesting point to see how easily the poem will spread around.


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