New Blog Schedule

Despite trying to get a new short story written for the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to come up with anything. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and realized something: trying to stick to this biweekly story schedule just won’t work with my writing style.

I’ve preached many times about how I feel that I can’t force ideas out, and yet, it’s beginning to feel that by sticking to such a strict schedule, I’m trying to do exactly that – the ideas I’ve come up with in the past few months are either incomplete, or just not good enough – I can’t answer the great question.  Therefore, I’ve decided I will no longer be posting stories on a schedule.  I just can’t keep churning out quality stuff on such a schedule.

Don’t worry, I still plan to post reflections every Monday, and I’ll still post stories and poems on Fridays, just not with any regularity most of the time.  I’ll put them up when they’re done.

However, I do plan to go to a regular schedule in the near future, for soon, I’ll begin posting stories from Evaira volume two.  In light of this schedule change, I’ve decided I will post the first half of volume two weekly for six weeks, starting in October, and the rest sometime in the Spring – that way, there’ll be fewer gaps.

I hope you enjoy my new stories.  If you have anything to say, please comment!  Don’t worry, I don’t bite.


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