Reflection: The Blog Schedule

So, the other day, I announced that I’d be altering my schedule, no longer putting stories up every other Friday, but rather, only on some Fridays, when I have a good story.  Honestly, this is something I should have done early off.

So many sources I’ve read say that in order to have a successful blog, you need to have a consistent schedule.  However, a consistent schedule hasn’t really done anything for the blog.  On top of that, I can’t exactly force stories out.  I was pretty lucky to have been able to stick to it as long as I did while still posting good stories.

Probably the one thing I’ve said more than anything else in my reflections, and on my blog in general, is that I don’t believe you can force stories out.  Having a deadline may inspire me to get the story done, but if I don’t have any ideas at that time, or none of my ideas are well-developed enough, it’s not going to do the job.  And I might end up rushing the revision stage just to get it done on time.

It all boils down to rule number 81 – deadlines reduce quality.

Now, of course, this makes me wonder how fiction authors who do have deadlines (from their publishers) manage to do it.

Not only that, but to get some of these stories done, I’ve had to put some of my more long-term projects, which are generally the ones I feel the most passionate about.  I like writing short stories, but I prefer bigger projects.  Short stories are good if I want to make a single point, or have one or two twists I want to do, but when I start to feel the need to explore more into these points, or come up with more twists that would just make the story longer…

Also, I don’t feel I can do quite as much world building with them as I can with longer stories.  Sure, I had to build worlds for some of them, like Granny’s Cafe or Village of Yesterday, but neither of these are as detailed or intricately designed as the future in The Cromm Conspiracy, for example.

Anyway, it’s kind of difficult to describe the difference between short and longer stories, and I write fiction, so I’m not the type of person to describe something like that.

Now, I’m, of course, going to be continuing these reflections weekly, and will have a regular schedule from that.  And I will still post stories when I write them (as I feel like it).  Evaira’s coming back in October, and I aim to split volume two into two parts, with the second half being posted in the Spring.  This way, I can stagger my posts a little better (besides, I still need to do quite a bit of work on the second half of volume two).

If you’re reading this, please don’t just like the post or follow the blog.  Please comment first!  I want to know why you’re liking or following, so I can produce better content in the future.  White Rakogis is signing off!


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