Reflection: Just Sit Down and Type

Probably one of my biggest problems with my writing, aside from the fact that I probably should read some more, is the fact that many times, I just can’t sit down and type.

Though I’ve previously said that I believe a good story is a balance of meticulous planning and spontaneity, sometimes, I just don’t know enough about the story, I haven’t got enough planned, to sit down and type.  Yet I hear about people who successfully complete NaNoWriMo (it’s this month by the way, yeah, I’m not participating this year – for this reason and the fact that I want to focus more on short stories right now).

It’s also the reason that many of my reflection posts end up on the blog a bit late, including this one.  I think about what I’m going to say too much, but just can’t sit down and say it.

But I find that I have trouble doing freewriting-type writing.  If I find I don’t like what I’m saying, by instinct, I just remove it.  I’ve gotten caught on a sentence for a while, rather than just writing something and moving on – coming back to it later.

Unfortunately, if NaNoWriMo participants do this too much, they’ll never get done.

Well, sometimes I might skip ahead to a later portion of the story, but I find this dangerous as writing the transition later might break the flow.  Nonetheless, I’ve done this lately on Evaira stories – writing the wrap-up at the end before the rest of the story is finished – it can help me catch the tone of the rest of the story.

But I find that I have trouble just sitting down, forgetting everything else, and just writing the entire story.  I’ve been able to do this for some pieces of the stories, and often times, once I do get started, I end up in this frame of mind, but I have trouble maintaining it for too long.  I wouldn’t say this is bad, though – it’s just part of my style.

Of course, more often this means just giving myself the motivation to stop thinking about it and write the darn story!

I should just go do that now.  I’ve got some big plans.  White Rakogis, signing off!


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