Reflection: Don’t Dismiss Ideas

I’m certain every creative person has come up with a few ideas so ridiculous, so outrageous that they could never work.  I’ve certainly had more than my share.  However, I’ve learned never to dismiss an idea completely, no matter how outrageous it seems.

Sure, it may not work as a whole, but perhaps there’s something hidden in there that can be reworked to come up with a good idea, or perhaps the idea as a whole can be reworked a little, and produce something special.  You never know.

I’ve always tried not to come off as too crazy in my stories.  I mean, you certainly know that I am indeed crazy, but I try not to take it too far.  If I feel a story would be too crazy, but I want to write it, I try to think of ways to make it more realistic, less crazy.

I still think back to the Mysteries of Valleyville, which were indeed crazy stories.  The problem was, and this was something I noticed more and more as I went on, that my craziness and spontaneity was going a bit too far, and sometimes felt I was just stalling for time, or doing something that doesn’t contribute much to the story just because I wanted to (a big no no).  Someday, I’m going to revisit that series, and try to tame down some of those outrageous plot points.

It can work, several of the Valleyville stories inspired some of my more recent stories, but I can’t just forget Valleyville because it’s too crazy, or forget some of the individual story ideas that are too outlandish.  If I think them over, I might come up with something brilliant.

But if I dismissed ideas entirely, I wouldn’t have been able to take them anywhere.  The idea for The Cromm Conspiracy came from a dream, and a very bizarre one at that.  If I had chose to forget that dream, I would never have written that story.

Basically, what I’m saying to all other writers, and other creative people out there, is don’t dismiss crazy ideas.  Always keep an open mind.  You never know when you might find a diamond in the rough (pardon the cliche).

Anyway, White Rakogis is signing off!


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