Reflection: Other Venues for My Stories

So, right now, I’m still trying to get my stories out there as much as possible.  Naturally, that means I’ve been looking for other places I can post them.

Of course, this blog is my main means of posting them, and the only place I am posting some of my stuff, including these reflection posts, along with the chapters of The Cromm Conspiracy and my full author’s notes.  But I’ve also been posting my stuff to DeviantArt (in fact, just before writing this post, I just binge added a lot of my recent stories to my gallery there), and am still looking for other places to put them up.

Naturally, the more places I put up the stories, the more exposure they get, and the more people will see them.

Yes, there are a lot of good sites that would let me post stories, and have great communities who will hopefully read them and spread the word.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot less trustworthy sites that hide conditions in their terms of service allowing them to claim ownership of your stuff.  The thing about terms of service, people tend to click through them without reading them, and yet, they may contain clauses that will screw you over.

I’ve always said if you don’t read it, you could be unknowingly signing your soul over to the devil, or your first born child.  The devil could easily claim a lot of souls if he went into the tech business.

But even if you read the terms and conditions, a lot of them are written in legal-ese, and may not be so easy to understand.  Basically, the terms are one major mess.

Either way, the whole issue of finding places to put my stories is not as easy as it sounds.  Still, if anybody knows any good places, let me know.  I want to get my stories noticed, and I’ve been having some trouble doing that.  Or if anybody else has other ideas on how to get my stories out there a bit more, let me know.

Maybe I just haven’t found the right site yet, or maybe I need to do better advertising, or maybe my scheduling .  I have a few plans for the new year.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to go through with them.  For now, White Rakogis, signing off.


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