Reflection: 2014, and 2015

So last Thursday was New Year’s Day.  Now, traditionally on New Year’s, people reflect on what happened in the past year make resolutions on things they want to change (that usually end up getting broken within a couple weeks), so I figure it’s a perfect topic for the first reflection post of 2015!

So, where did I go wrong in 2014?  Well, my writing progress has slowed down a bit.  I guess I’ve been a bit distracted, and thus, haven’t been able to write as much as I’d hoped.  I’m resolving to try and get more focus, and sit down and write a bit as often as I can.

Usually, once I sit down, I can get quite a bit done.  The problem is sitting down to write.

This lack of focus also slowed me down on the reflection posts, causing me to miss many weeks later in the year.  This year, I resolve to try and maintain more of a buffer of those.

But it’s not all just lack of focus.  I realized that my previous bi-weekly story posts were just too much.  It may partially be the fact that 2014 was a slow year for my writing, but I felt that even if it was a faster year, like 2012 and 2013 were, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up that pace for long.  I don’t control when I get ideas, and if I don’t get enough ideas, I don’t get as many short stories written.

While I like writing short stories, I’m beginning to feel more and more like I prefer to work on larger projects where I can develop and grow a setting and characters over a longer period of time than short stories.  I still have a few short story ideas I’d like to develop, but I hope to start my next big project.

I’ll probably be focusing mostly on Evaira for the first part of the year, but after that, I got big plans in mind.

For my next big project, I’ve got a couple larger story ideas in mind, including a space adventure story that’s an adaptation of some old idea I had back in 1999/2000.  This may be a fun project to delve into because I’d be combining some of my older ideas with my current skills and experience.

And then there’s my constant issue with my shyness.  I don’t feel comfortable commenting on some random stranger’s blog.  I tried writing a few comments before and it felt weird.  If you’d like my attention, comment here first, then you won’t be a random stranger!  I also am considering getting involved in a few online forums related to my other interests.

For 2015, I have resolved that I will follow back anybody who follows me and leaves a good comment on one of my posts.  I will probably make a more public announcement of this somewhere.

So, how’s that?  I’m certain everybody has a few resolutions that they plan to make.  Though many people will probably have forgotten them within a few weeks, I plan to be in it for the long haul.  So, fellow writers, what are your writing-related resolutions?  And what about blogging resolutions?  Or other resolutions?  And how do you keep them?

That’s another resolution: end my reflections with questions.  I should be going now.  White Rakogis is signing off.


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