Reflection: Writing is Immersive

So, yeah, I missed a couple reflections.  Sorry!  I’ve been a bit short on post ideas, and my internet’s been a bit rocky lately.

Today, I was in one of my moods – if you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I have a compulsion to worry about things, and lately, a lot of my worries and concerns have come to a head.  It’s left me feeling a bit sad and lonely a lot of the time.  But shortly before writing this post, I sat down and wrote about a half chapter of one of my latest books, and began feeling a lot better.

I guess nothing immerses me like writing.  Trying to figure out how the scene will play out, who the characters are.  It requires a lot more brainpower than just reading – I like reading, but honestly get more immersed in writing than reading even the best of books.

As I think about this, I remember some of my other favorite scenes to write – there was one particular death scene in Cromm that I really felt emotional about as I wrote, more so than any book I read.

I’m not completely sure the reason of this.  Maybe it’s because as the writer, I am making things happen in the story, and thus, am in some way, a part of it.  It could also be because with writing, I can’t afford to miss a detail, while when I read a book, it won’t ruin my enjoyment of the book if I miss a minor detail or two.  Maybe it’s because, in a way, I’m interacting with my characters.  It could also be because I know more about the world I’m building as the writer than the reader ever would.  Or maybe I just enjoy writing more.

Still, getting really immersed in something is a good way to calm down, escape reality, and relax.  For me, writing is the perfect escape.

So, fellow writers, what do you think?  Do you find the writing process immersive, or is reading more immersive?  Either way, White Rakogis is signing off.


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