Reflection: The Internet

So, I’ve missed a few posts, because I haven’t had many reflection ideas, but more importantly because of the fact that my internet signal’s been lousy, and I haven’t been able to get onto WordPress to put them up.

It makes me realize how dependent people are on the internet these days.  I try very hard not to become too dependent on it, and yet, whenever it goes out, I get very frustrated.  And how to writers, the internet can make us, or it can destroy us.

The internet is darn addictive.  It’s very easy for somebody to go onto Twitter just to check for messages, and then end up following a link, checking another forum, and somehow ending up on TV Tropes, and losing the entire evening.  Thus, nothing gets written.  I’ve definitely had that happen.

I hear of a lot of writers who turn off the internet so they can write without the distraction, or even go as far as to revert to old-fashioned pen and paper writing.

But at the same time, lots of good can come from the internet too.  On Twitter, I’ve followed several other writers who posted various interesting articles, with tips that help improve my writing.  I may not comment much about these posts, but they have definitely inspired some of my ideas (here I am – too shy to comment on somebody else’s blog).

Not to mention all the information.  The internet makes research so much easier.  I don’t have to go to the library or find books to learn about things that could make for great story material.

And let’s not forget all the opportunities the internet brings – with eBooks, self-publishing is more common, and more practical, as is sharing short stories for free through a blog.  Social media is a good way to interact with readers, and other writers.  It’s changing the world in so many ways.

Anyway, for now, White Rakogis is signing off.


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