Reflection: The Motivation to Keep Going

So, I hear some writers have trouble sticking with one story.  When they’re working on one larger project, they get a new idea, and shift to focus on that – these so-called plot bunnies.

That’s never been a problem for me.  I usually don’t have problems with finding the motivation to keep going.  I have a story to write, and I have to see it through to the end.  It’s my duty to share my stories with the world.  But I have to ask myself why – it’s not purely matter of honor.

Well, there are a number of things I do to keep a story holding my interest.

I’ve learned my lesson after one story I lost interest in way back, “Welcome to Utopia”, which I’m certain I’ve mentioned before.  Now, I make it a rule never to start a story until I’ve thought it over for a little while first.  If I’m still thinking about it later, it proves to me that it’s an idea that will hold my interest.

I’ve also learned to focus on the big scenes still to come.  If I know something exciting is coming up, that may motivate me through some of the less exciting parts.  Sure, I can write out of order, but that might cause some inconsistencies later.  Besides, I find I think about a story better if I write it in sequence.

Mind you, I may still lose interest eventually.  I stopped writing Valleyville because I felt it was no longer my style.  As for Swogprille, I’m currently taking a break from my attempt to write it down into a series of books, as I’m questioning some important plot points earlier on, and trying to rework some of the characters, but I fully intend to finish and share that series.  Cromm and Evaira are my focus right now.

Ironically, I stopped both Swogprille and Valleyville after the same number of volumes.

Anyway, fellow writers, riddle me this – how do you maintain interest in a longer story so you can finish it?  I’d really like to hear your answers.  White Rakogis, signing off for now.


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