So, hello, everybody.  It’s been forever since I posted here last.  Why haven’t I posted here lately?  Well, there are a lot of reasons.

For one thing, I won’t lie, 2015 was not a very good year for my writing.  Things went slow, I juggled too many projects, and made little progress on any of them.  I had multiple bouts of Writer’s Block, and was depressed about some things in my day to day life.  Ultimately, this put me behind on my drafts further than I’d like.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some catching up this year.

Another thing is that I’m really not completely sure what to make of this blog.  At first, I just wanted a repository for my short stories to publish and share them.  Then, I started doing the reflection posts, but ultimately, I just haven’t been enjoying writing them so much lately.  So, yes, I am on hiatus.  I don’t know when I’ll be back, and in what capacity.  But, yes, I am still alive.

I’m hoping to finally finish the rest of Evaira Volume 2 soon, and have those up.  For now, I am reverting to my original vision of this blog – putting up stories when I finish them – no set schedule, I know, not a good idea, but right now, it’s the best way to do this.

As always, a few comments would be appreciated.


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