Hi all.

I’m WhiteRakogis, and I’m just a hobby writer from the Philadelphia area.  That’s really all you need to know, isn’t it?  No?  Well, okay, I’ll tell you more.  I may be breaking Rule 90 by doing this, but I suppose providing a little context can’t be a bad thing.

I have been writing fiction since I was a child, but have recently gotten the idea to publish some of my short stories.  I generally prefer working on larger writing projects to short stories, and love the idea of fleshing out characters and worlds over a long period of time.  I have done several larger projects, most of which are currently unpublished until I find the right means to publish them.

I would definitely say my favorite parts of writing are establishing characters, and their relationships, along with world building.  Some time back, I discovered wikis about other works of fiction, such as Memory Alpha or Fringepedia.  The way these wikis describe the detailed connections within a world really fascinated me, and inspire me to build my own such worlds.  Of course, I also write a number of shorter stories, which I publish here.  Though it can be more difficult to establish a detailed world and characters in a work of short fiction, it definitely has its own charm.

In addition to writing of fiction, I also enjoy writing computer programs (Visual Basic is my best language), watching TV, both modern and classic shows, playing video games, though usually only older or indie titles, and assembling papercraft models.

I consider myself a geek, and am a fan of many series of books/movies/TV/anime/video games.  However, my greatest obsessions would have to be Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pokemon, pretty much any superhero series (though sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to read many comic books – I mostly watch the movies), and the best, most underrated space game of all time: Star Control 2.  All of these have proven to be great influences on my writing, and are special to me.

I generally am not one to get involved in political issues, unless the issue concerns digital freedom.  Sadly, there are far too many intrusive internet technologies that threaten internet privacy (even though privacy shouldn’t be expected already), or create hurdles for legitimate users in an attempt to stop piracy, or other illegal activity.  I am strongly against the use of DRM technologies.

And yes, I am most definitely crazy.

Anyway, you can learn more about my various writing projects, both published and otherwise, here, or you can contact me here.

Okay, now have I said enough?  Maybe a bit too much…


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