All of the stories, poems, and reflections I have published on this blog are copyright 2013-2018 by WhiteRakogis.  Please do not republish or repost any of the content on here to another blog or website without my direct permission.

If you do get my direct permission to republish, you can do so under the following conditions:

  • The content remains unedited
  • You provide me credit for writing the story (remember rule 7 – If it’s someone else’s work, it’s not yours to claim.  Give credit where deserved.)
  • You acknowledge that it is republished only with my direct permission, and thus, cannot be republished further.  Preferably, provide a link to this page.
  • You include a link to

As per the WordPress terms of service, WordPress, and the company that owns them, Automattic, is permitted to publish anything I have written for the purpose of advertising my blog.  Therefore, they already have my permission.

Excerpts of ~200 words or less (I won’t count) can be reposted elsewhere without asking my permission, so long as it is unedited, and I am given credit and a link back.  In the case of poetry, as poems are often shorter than 200 words, it is okay to post the entire poem without my permission, so long as I am given credit and a link back.  However, as a courtesy, I do request you ask my permission regardless.

If somebody wishes to do fan art, or any other type of fan project for my stories, that is acceptable, so long as the project is respectful to my original stories, not for profit, and acknowledges me as the original creator, with a link back if possible.  I also must ask that you do not create pornographic or X-rated fan works (I’m fully aware of “rule 34”, but I can’t in good conscience support such works – if they exist, I’d rather not know about them, or I’ll have to try and have them removed).

If you wish to acquire my permission to republish, you can do so either in the comments below or via my contact page.  Additionally, if anybody finds something that appears to have been reposted without my permission, let me know through either of these channels.


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