Here are some of my favorite sites:


  • – There’s a portion of this site with useful writing tips I have used in the past, and random generators that have helped me find ideas.
  • TV Tropes – A wiki dedicated to documenting and playing with the various tropes used in fiction.  Warning: this site is extremely addictive.
  • Deviantart – An artist’s community.  I have gotten many good ideas while browsing the art posted there.  I also post some of my works to my own account there, and I have a separate alt account for my papercrafting.
  • Wikis – Wikis related to existing fictional universes have always fascinated me, and given me a new perspective on these series, which I feel has ultimately inspired me in my writing.  Such wikis include Memory Alpha and Fringepedia.

Blog Design

  • WordPress – My blog’s host.
  • Dafont – A site for free fonts.  I got the font used in the title image from here: Underwood Champion by Vic Fieger.
  • Lost and taken – A site for free textures, including the one I used for the title image.
  • Webtreats – Free textures and stock images.  They’re where I got the space image for the background from (or more specifically, I got it from their Flickr page).
  • – The art program I used for the title image and other images.

Other sites

  • – The only downloadable game store I trust completely.
  • Humble Bundle – Great pay-what-you-want deals, mostly on gaming, but they also have regular eBook/audiobook deals.
  • The Ur-Quan Masters – Star Control 2 is the best, most underrated space game ever.  A free and legal version is available here, or get the HD version here.

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