My Projects

As I said in my about page, I love larger writing projects, and the opportunity for character development and world building they allow.  Sadly, most of these projects are unpublished, as I have yet to determine the means to publish them.  I will be describing some of my writing projects here, as I expect to reference these regularly.

Wiz – Wiz was a series of short stories based on a family of wizards I originally created in The Sims.  The family consisted of a father, William, and his wife, Grace, along with two children, Steve and Jane, and their pet dragon.  Another notable character was their genius, but clumsy neighbor, Henry.  The series was meant to be like an old-time sitcom, but sadly, very few Wiz stories were actually written down.  Nonetheless, it was a major influence of many of my later series.  I later made two attempts to revive the series, but ultimately, they were unsuccessful.

Mysteries of Valleyville – The Mysteries of Valleyville was a series of novellas I wrote originally based on stories I told a bus driver back in middle school.  The series is a silly comedy about a very strange town and its residents.  I’ve actually finished seventeen volumes, though they are in need of some serious refinement.  In some cases, they may be a bit too bizarre.

Swogprille – Swogprille was easily my most ambitious project ever.  I wrote the original ideas over the course of six years, and am still actively working on Swogprille-related material.  The series is an urban fantasy adventure about a wizard, in a wizard society, fighting crime.  I definitely was strongly influenced by superhero stories, along with most of my favorite series listed on the about page.  It exists largely in the form of a few hundred (cheap) PowerPoint animations, and seventeen novellas, though the final volumes are still unwritten (they may actually be novels – at ~30,000-50,000 words, I’d say these are borderline in length).

Swogprille: Call of the Guardians (COTG) – After the conclusion of Swogprille, I continued to expand the universe through this series, which currently exists as even more PowerPoint animations, though I may write more novellas about it at some point in the future.  It is a sequel series that picks up where the original left off, but has a number of more science fiction themes, including extensive use of time travel, and other universes.

The Cromm Conspiracy – The Cromm Conspiracy (formerly titled “The Overman Conspiracy” until I learned said title was already used) is a full-length (100,000+ word) science fiction novel I’ve recently finished a full draft of!  I can’t say much about it without giving away spoilers.  It still needs some revision, but I am pretty confident with the first few chapters, which have been posted here.

Evaira – Evaira is a series of short stories I am working on about a group of four rather unusual traveling companions who travel around the US, investigating urban legends and unusual phenomenon, attempting to follow the trail of a missing writer who wrote about these events, presenting them as works of fiction.  The first eight Evaira stories are available for reading here.


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