My Rules

These are White Rakogis’s Rules of Life (patent pending).  It is the full list* of the rules I live by, have compiled, and regularly quote.  I may be breaking rule 90 by sharing the full list, but rule 202 allows that.

*full list means the full list of rules as of the last time I updated this page.  I update the list much more often than I update this page – see rule 174.

  1. The most important thing in life is life itself.
  2. Only fools seek the impossible goal of perfection.
  3. He who thinks he knows everything truly knows nothing.
  4. Silence is not golden; it’s even more precious.
  5. Friends are individuals too.
  6. Thinking is over 75% of the work.
  7. You can be a completely different person at home than you are outside of it.
  8. If it’s someone else’s work, it’s not yours to claim. Give credit where deserved.
  9. Never do now what you can put off until later.
  10. Not every enemy can be conquered…by you.
  11. If you enjoy it, it’s not a waste of time.
  12. When you can’t get in the front, look for a back door.
  13. There is more than one way to accomplish everything.
  14. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, if you need it.
  15. Never give someone an infinite number of options for a question with limited possible answers.
  16. Never give someone a finite number of options for an open-ended question.
  17. Rain is only water, it can’t hurt you.
  18. The only person you can trust completely is yourself.
  19. There will always be more money, but only one of some things.
  20. If it’s free, and you’re not completely uninterested, why not?
  21. Swearing is a sign of lack of intelligence.
  22. There’s nothing wrong with desire, if you don’t act irrationally because of it.
  23. Clothes do not make the person.
  24. Always read the fine print.
  25. Fools pay for time, wise men pay for what’s done in the time.
  26. You can never stop thinking.
  27. The best way to know your limits is to test them, but test carefully.
  28. There is nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure, just be careful who you tell about it.
  29. Know who your enemies are.
  30. Know who your allies are.
  31. Strong intellect is always more important than strong muscles.
  32. Everyone has both good and bad in them.
  33. Claiming to be infallible is a flaw.
  34. Other people can bite, sometimes hard.
  35. It’s only important to you if it feels important.
  36. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, then take a break…getting a headache over it won’t get it done.
  37. Home is where you feel you belong.
  38. Having too much free time is not a bad thing…it’s if you use it poorly when it becomes bad.
  39. You can’t have too many hobbies, unless you don’t have enough time for all of them.
  40. Memories can’t be counted in numbers.
  41. If you can’t decide, pass the decision on to someone else.
  42. Never expect other people to make sense.
  43. Never expect the world to make sense.
  44. Talking to yourself is not a sign of madness…sometimes, it’s the best way to vent, or think.
  45. Sticks and stones can break your bones, words can hurt you much deeper, and much more permanently.
  46. Don’t meddle in the affairs of others, unless they concern you somehow.
  47. Even a crazy idea has potential.
  48. Throw a pun or a joke out there once in a while…even bad ones can make people smile.
  49. Fear is a good enough reason to keep away.
  50. Nobody else has to know.
  51. If you don’t like something, be honest about it.
  52. The best person to complain to is someone who can do something about it.
  53. If it does the job, it’s good enough.
  54. Water can be surprisingly calming.
  55. When nobody’s around, let your inner feelings loose.
  56. Try and be observant.
  57. There is usually more than one possible outcome to every action.
  58. If you act on it, you believe it.
  59. Even the most obscure details can be very important.
  60. Someone who tries to show their superiority typically is not superior to the person they show it too.
  61. Intelligence doesn’t only come from books.
  62. Live in the present…every moment only comes once.
  63. Nothing lasts forever.
  64. One person’s trash can be another’s treasure.
  65. One person’s poison can be another’s elixir of life.
  66. Momentary happiness is easy to find, but long-lasting happiness is extremely rare.
  67. Everybody deserves the right to relax and do what they want every once in a while.
  68. There are some things that are impossible…but not much.
  69. One is rarely enough.
  70. If you come to a steel wall, you have to weld your way through.
  71. Can means able to, not have to.
  72. Sleep may be an essential of life, but life is the other essential of life.
  73. Know and understand yourself.
  74. Don’t hunt for ideas, but let the ideas come to you.
  75. The biggest way to change is to start from scratch, but it is rarely the wisest.
  76. Don’t play with fire. It’s hot.
  77. Don’t try to be something you’re not.
  78. Never trade tasty food for healthy food.
  79. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  80. Individuals can sometimes be more dangerous than groups.
  81. Deadlines reduce quality.
  82. Thinking about the future leads to thinking about further into the future.
  83. First impressions are meaningless.
  84. Life is priceless.
  85. It’s not an accident if it happens repeatedly.
  86. Pigs can fly in dreams.
  87. Nothing is exactly the way people say it is.
  88. Don’t just do the same thing all the time.
  89. The most extreme ends of the spectrum can never work.
  90. Tell them only what they need to know.
  91. Do not force your beliefs onto other people.
  92. Live by your values; your own set of rules.
  93. Sometimes, having none is better than having one of extremely poor quality.
  94. Firsthand observation is the best form of research.
  95. Being the first will quickly lose its charm.
  96. You never know when seemingly useless knowledge will come in handy.
  97. The more you need to do something, the less you want to do it.
  98. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  99. Some thoughts lead to more thoughts, which lead to worries.
  100. You learn more than you might realize.
  101. You can never be too careful.
  102. Don’t pass up a legitimate opportunity for free money.
  103. Pressure destroys the desire to do it.
  104. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  105. Don’t praise it or mock it until you try it.
  106. Always show them how to do it the hard way before you show them the easy way.
  107. Everyone’s patience has a limit.
  108. There is no substitute for chocolate.
  109. When you brag, somebody often feels bad, and it could be you.
  110. Set your expectations low; that way, if you do well, you feel even better about it.
  111. Everybody has a bad day once in a while…and a bad week…and a bad month…and a bad year…
  112. Don’t be nosy.
  113. Don’t try and live somebody else’s life.
  114. When possible, stick with what you know.
  115. You shouldn’t be forced to use something for things that can be done just as easily without it.
  116. Criticize with the intent to improve it, not to insult it.
  117. You can never truly see the world the way somebody else sees it.
  118. Everybody has their quirks.
  119. Normal is different for different people.
  120. Don’t talk for the sake of talking.
  121. It’s not free if you have to pay later.
  122. All people are equal.
  123. Fleece shirt + jacket = sweating like mad
  124. When you’re alone, you can be whatever you want to be.
  125. There are some things in the world that are just not meant to be understood.
  126. Don’t assume.
  127. If you purchase it, it’s yours for life.
  128. Always consider the possibility that you’re wrong.
  129. You can be sure that you will live by your rules, but not that other people will.
  130. Choose your words carefully. The wrong words can have serious consequences.
  131. Respect everyone, until they prove themselves undeserving of your respect.
  132. Take advantage of every skill you have.
  133. Don’t mock the rules.
  134. There are no dumb questions, only people who screw up as they don’t ask questions they see as dumb.
  135. Don’t give them the satisfaction.
  136. A place of continued inspiration is a true rarity. Never forget such a place.
  137. Talking too much about a problem creates worries.
  138. To resolve a conflict of interest, find the greater interest.
  139. Don’t do in a group what can be done alone.
  140. Not all people are untrustworthy.
  141. You can’t satisfy a craving for one particular food with another.
  142. In creating a rule, there must be a goal, which the rule is able to accomplish, or it’s a bad rule.
  143. Sugar is not a cure for depression.
  144. Learn to accept those weaknesses you cannot overcome.
  145. Don’t make random offers.
  146. Other people just being in the wrong place can seriously affect concentration.
  147. If you try to fight too many battles at once, you will lose them all.
  148. (Forgot this one – sorry)
  149. Don’t trust the internet – keep a local copy of everything.
  150. Say “excuse me” with your words, not your hands.
  151. Attempting to act without motivation is guaranteed to fail.
  152. There is nothing more dangerous than thinking you know something you do not.
  153. Take advantage of what you’ve got while you’ve got it.
  154. Costs are not always in money.
  155. Don’t let people take advantage of you.
  156. Ice water is not ice water, unless it contains ice.
  157. You do not change your values based on a single anomaly.
  158. It’s easy to make enemies, but difficult to make friends.
  159. Find out why the problem’s happening, and address that – don’t just cover it up.
  160. If you lose the reason that you do something, forget about it and move on.
  161. Sometimes, the best way to vent is to yourself.
  162. If it’s something big, don’t try to do it on your own the first time.
  163. There is more in this world that is not wrong than there is that is wrong.
  164. A chair is not a table.
  165. Even though you should not assume, if you have no choice, assume for the better.
  166. Do not give up until you are certain it’s hopeless, and even then, question that it truly is hopeless.
  167. If they knew the answer, they probably wouldn’t be asking.
  168. Sometimes, you have to give people a chance.
  169. Everybody deserves a second chance, but maybe not a third.
  170. Their intentions are probably good.
  171. Questioning your beliefs could just make them stronger in the end.
  172. Change takes time. Do not rush it, and be patient with a person trying to change.
  173. Everyone is a hypocrite but you.
  174. Never divulge exactly how many rules you live by – there will probably be more tomorrow.
  175. Don’t hate the person, hate what they stand for.
  176. You may be the one who has to take the first step.
  177. Be wary of trial versions.
  178. The lowest of people are those who will break their personal rules without hesitation.
  179. Don’t set your expectations too low, or you won’t get anything done.
  180. Never expect a politician to be remotely sane.
  181. A story is made to be shared. If you have one, do not keep it to yourself; doing so is just selfish.
  182. You cannot clean something up without messing up something else.
  183. In the end, everyone is crazy.
  184. Refusing a gift is an insult to the giver.
  185. Don’t keep people waiting.
  186. Sex is not something to be done lightly. Wait until you’re married.
  187. It’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it.
  188. If it’s a work of fiction, it’s good to take it seriously, but don’t take it too seriously.
  189. Even if you can’t expect other people to follow your rules, you can always request it.
  190. Unpleasant experiences can be the best teacher.
  191. You can only act how you feel.
  192. The recovery time from an extremely unpleasant experience is longer than the experience.
  193. Once you draw the line, never let them cross it – even by a half millimeter.
  194. That which is pure necessity and not desire should not be considered a part of a person’s life.
  195. Just because everybody’s doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s right.
  196. Nobody likes a backseat driver.
  197. If it causes you too much stress, just forget it.
  198. Once it’s served, never touch another person’s food or beverage without their permission.
  199. If somebody asks a question when they know the answer, they’re probably trying to tell you something.
  200. Pets are only cute until you have to live with them.
  201. A slight tap can move something a long way.
  202. No rule is set in stone.
  203. Secrets may be necessary, or a good idea, but keeping them can take a toll on you.
  204. Get all the pieces ready before you start to assemble.
  205. Don’t put writing of new rules on your to do list.
  206. Even if you can’t get caught, you will always know that you did it.
  207. If you put something in a place where you know you’ll find it, you’ll likely never see it again.
  208. Don’t hold grudges, at least, not for too long.
  209. Clothing sizes can be inconsistent.
  210. Never be 100% certain of anything.
  211. If it happens once, it’s a fluke. Twice, a coincidence.  Three times, there’s more to it.
  212. There is no substitute for cheese.
  213. A user-friendly machine has good instructions. A really user-friendly machine doesn’t need them.
  214. Computers do what you tell them to, not necessarily what you want them to.
  215. Don’t joke about things people could take very seriously.
  216. Everybody fails, but the wise take measures to avoid failing in the same way again.
  217. Never trust a man who doesn’t trust you.
  218. Disliking days off is a sign of insanity.
  219. For almost every streak of bad luck, somebody gets a streak of good luck.
  220. You can never be too smart.
  221. Often, the simplest answer is the right one.
  222. It’s okay to make order out of chaos, but do not force order onto chaos.
  223. There are things and ideas that deserve hatred, just not people.
  224. Small lies can lead to large messes.
  225. A person’s word is his honor. Respect your word, and that of others, religiously.
  226. Don’t change for the sake of change.
  227. Don’t bother other people needlessly.
  228. Do not expect the cause of the problem to resolve the problem.
  229. Be careful not to dismiss the possibility too soon.
  230. The only true difference between men and women is biology.
  231. Do not obey people blindly and without question.
  232. Some conversation topics are better off avoided.
  233. Even if nobody else knows you did the right thing, take comfort in the fact that you know.
  234. Be careful creating your online persona. Choose what you post wisely and avoid extraneous accounts.
  235. Always consider the possibility that a person has changed.
  236. The world isn’t black and white – right versus wrong is not always clear and simple.
  237. Nobody cares about the exact time.
  238. If you think you’ll forget it, write it down.
  239. Do not change the rules once the game has begun.
  240. What your words indicate means more than your claims.
  241. It usually doesn’t work on the first test run.
  242. Disagreement is no excuse to ignore it.
  243. If you want a sincere thank you, don’t ask for it.
  244. Trust is not something to be given lightly. When given carelessly, trust is a liability.
  245. If you don’t venture into the unknown, your world will never change.
  246. Hesitation is not always a bad thing – or a good thing either.
  247. Confront your fears, or be paralyzed by them.
  248. Excessive pride is foolish – and it doesn’t take much to be excessive.
  249. Always have a contingency plan.
  250. If you can’t do it competently, don’t bother.
  251. You shouldn’t try to do something interesting or exciting all the time – taking it slow can be eye-opening.
  252. You don’t see what you’re not looking for.
  253. Feeling worried or anxious isn’t always a choice.
  254. You can’t play too hard, or else it’s just work.
  255. If you’re not immediately repulsed by the idea, it’s at the very least worth considering.
  256. Don’t end it on a sour note – even if it takes a little longer to do, end it strong.
  257. Always watch your back.
  258. Sometimes, what’s happening in the background is more important than the foreground.
  259. Sometimes, just smile, or just laugh. It makes you feel good.
  260. Even the best things can be overdone.

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