Reflection: The Internet

So, I’ve missed a few posts, because I haven’t had many reflection ideas, but more importantly because of the fact that my internet signal’s been lousy, and I haven’t been able to get onto WordPress to put them up.

It makes me realize how dependent people are on the internet these days.  I try very hard not to become too dependent on it, and yet, whenever it goes out, I get very frustrated.  And how to writers, the internet can make us, or it can destroy us.

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Reflection: Writing is Immersive

So, yeah, I missed a couple reflections.  Sorry!  I’ve been a bit short on post ideas, and my internet’s been a bit rocky lately.

Today, I was in one of my moods – if you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I have a compulsion to worry about things, and lately, a lot of my worries and concerns have come to a head.  It’s left me feeling a bit sad and lonely a lot of the time.  But shortly before writing this post, I sat down and wrote about a half chapter of one of my latest books, and began feeling a lot better.

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Reflection: Transitioning

So, lately, I’ve been working on my latest big writing project, another project of similar size to Cromm (which reminds me – got to get that one published, once I figure out the best way to do it), and I had a little bit of a dilemma.

I’ve got two big, important scenes, and the section between them just seems a little abrupt – like I’m just jumping from one big event to the next.  It’s a multiple-day time jump, and it just seems a bit jarring when I look it over.  As part of my style, I usually try to avoid big time jumps in the middle of the story.  Yet I can’t think of much else I can put in that time period.

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Reflection: Worldbuilding in Gaming and Technobabylon

So, there was this new adventure game released just last week, by well-known adventure game developer/publisher Wadjet Eye Games, Technobabylon.  I’ve been a fan of them for years, but Technobabylon is easily their best yet.

What really blew me away about it was the worldbuilding.  Anybody who’s been following my blog knows how much I love the worldbuilding process.  But Technobabylon’s writers deserve special praise for their worldbuilding.  It was just so immersive.

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Reflection: Disillusionment and the Nature of the Internet

So, mid-2013, I came onto the Internet with a few finished stories, and a plan.  I’d get my stories out there, hopefully find some followers, and slowly gather fans.  I’d get some valuable feedback, meet friends, and hopefully pave the road for ultimately being published.

Sadly, like everybody who starts down a road, I had big dreams, big visions, but it all clashed with the reality of the situation.  It’s a fight to get a blog noticed, an even bigger one to get real, legitimate comments.  So many aspects of Internet culture just seem to clash with the way things should work.  Lately, I’ve gotten a bit disillusioned about the whole thing.

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Evaira: The Black Cat Phenomenon

Note to self: do some more research into superstition.  There are all these odd things that people believe bring good luck or bad luck, like throwing salt over your shoulder or breaking a mirror, respectively.  Now I’m not superstitious myself – most of it is nonsense, but after all that I’ve seen, I’m beginning to wonder if there really is such a thing as luck, and if there are really things that can affect it.  Nothing as silly as a broken mirror, but maybe something else.

“So,” Bill asked, putting down the diary, “what do you make of Liza’s thoughts about superstition?”

“I’ve never bought into superstitions myself,” Evaira said, “but like all myths, I’d imagine there’s an element of truth in them somewhere.  It’s interesting that Liza’s trying to find that piece of truth, but I haven’t seen any other mention of it, and I doubt it’s relevant to finding Liza.”

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Reflection: Flash Fiction

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about flash fiction – basically really short stories with the emphasis on short.  Flash fiction takes the shortness to the extreme, and has grown in popularity lately with the popularity of Twitter (and it’s character limit).

In fact, I’ve seen a number of recent Twitter contests or challenges about writing flash fiction, and there’s even something called Flash Fiction Friday (which was part of what influenced me to schedule my stories for Fridays, even though I don’t consider my stories Flash Fiction).

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