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Reflection: Poetry

So, this is a reflection post I’ve been wanting to do for years, but never have been able to.  Why?  One simple question: what is poetry?  It’s difficult to define in words.

Young children who are introduced to poetry think it’s just about rhyme and rhythm.  But while these are common devices in poetry, they’re not always there – think of the haiku.  But the number of syllables doesn’t matter in your quatrain.  And we can’t just say it’s something cryptic that has a deeper meaning – many good prose stories are like that too.

While each form of poetry has a solid definition, and it’s clear whether a given poem is that type or not, it’s difficult to define poetry.  Is it just something you recognize when you see?

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The Posted Picture

Do I post the picture?
Or do I just forget it?
I think I’ll post it,
it’s only for my friends.
Nobody’s really going
to see it I don’t want to.

They like the picture,
they find it funny.  I’m
glad they like me; I really
have such good friends.
But wait, what do I see?
Is that my picture?

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Thinking of Nothing

Try to think of nothing
Are you thinking of nothing?
But because you think you
are thinking of nothing,
you are, in actuality,
thinking of something.

Can you empty your mind?
Go and give it a try.
The fact that you think
you have emptied your mind
means that your mind is
really not empty at all.

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The Beast

The beast stood nineteen feet tall.
The people looked up at its eyes.
Bright crimson red, gazing right at them,
with a killer’s cold stare.

They looked upon its bloody fangs,
long and sharp as swords,
filled with fear knowing well
that the fangs would rip them apart.

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Paper Sculptures

I print out pieces on clean white paper,
seven pages soon to be assembled.
I grab the scissors, uncap the glue,
and picture it coming to life,
the way a dozen have before.
Careful cutting, piece by piece,
bring out the instructions
to see how it will all intertwine.
A touch of glue will hold them together…
place them carefully – don’t show the white.
Start with the head and shape it carefully
tweezers will help for the smaller bits.
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